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How To Cancel 24 Hour Fitness Membership?

It is easy to subscribe or register yourself with any membership or subscription plan. 

But when it comes to canceling that subscription, people have many questions and doubts about this because they don’t want to continue the subscription in the future. 

But they don’t know how to cancel it, and that’s why they feel worried about it. 

If you are from one of the 24 hour fitness members, then let me tell you that you don’t need to worry about its cancellation process. 

In this article, I am going to explain everything about how to cancel 24 hour fitness that every member should know about it.

What Is 24 Hour Fitness?

24-Hour Fitness

Before we talk about the cancellation policy and ways to cancel 24 hour fitness, let us first know “what is 24 hour fitness membership?”

Mark S. Mastrov founded 24 hour fitness. And it is owned by AEA investors. Based on revenue, it is the second-largest fitness chain after LA fitness in the United States. It is an operated fitness center chain headquartered in Carlsbad, California. With 286 clubs in 11 U.S states, it comes in fourth place in the number of clubs.  

24 hour fitness membership allows you to maintain your fitness every day. It provides you with clean and spacious fitness clubs, fully furnished with various strength, cardio, and functional training equipment. And yes, it is a 24 hour fitness as its many fitness clubs are open for 24 hours. You can easily find out those clubs by using its club finder. It also has a committed team of coaches, which gives you personal support. It also helps you to stay fit with its online guidance. Yes, you can use its app and consult with your personal coaches for workout or fitness suggestions.

What Is 24 Hour Fitness Membership?

When you subscribe to 24 hours fitness, it will give you a three-day free trial. Its annual fee costs $49.99, which is affordable for anyone, and you can pay it per month as per your comfort. It also offers limited terms paid in full memberships, from seven days to two years. It is the best option for everyone to find time for their body in their busy day’s life. You will be able to get your fitness doubts cleared at the comfort of your home if you cannot visit fitness clubs. 

But if you have already decided to cancel a 24 hour fitness subscription, then you can do it in a few minutes. So there are various methods you can use to cancel your 24 hour fitness membership. Here I will explain four different ways or methods that you can use to cancel your 24 hours fitness subscription plan. Let’s discuss those methods;

How To Cancel 24 Hour Fitness Membership By Phone?

This is the direct method we can say, as you just need to call directly to the 24 hour fitness customer service.

Follow the below steps to cancel your 24 hour fitness membership plan;

  1. First, go to the 24 hour fitness website
  2. Find out the helpline contact number
  3. The customer service number of 24 hour fitness; 866.308.8179 ( Monday to Friday from 8 am to 7 pm & Saturday- 7 am to 4 pm)
  4. Give a call to the given number and request customer care to cancel your subscription.
  5. Give the customer care a genuine reason; that is why you want to cancel your membership.
  6. When your request is accepted, you will receive a confirmation mail regarding the cancellation of the subscription.

By following these steps, you can cancel your subscription anytime you want to. It’s not that difficult; only you need to give a phone call. And nothing else, that’s it.

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How To Cancel 24 Hour Fitness Membership By Email?

You can also cancel your subscription via email method. As email is one of those methods which will definitely work for anyone. So let’s discuss the step that you will need to follow;

  1. First login to your correct mail id
  2. Then create a new mail.
  3. In that mail, write a cancellation request letter.
  4. Mention your required details; your full name, residence address, billing details, contact number, and other information as well.
  5. Send your mail to the registered email address of 24 hours fitness, i.e., [email protected].
  6. When your request is accepted, you will be notified.
  7. And you will receive a confirmation mail from 24 hours fitness regarding the cancellation of your subscription.

How To Cancel 24 Hour Fitness Membership By Website?

24 hour fitness has its own cancellation policy. As per its cancellation policy, members can cancel their subscriptions by using its website. Here’s how you can do it;

  1. First, you have to open 24 hours fitness website in your browser
  2. Then go to the “Account Management Page.”
  3. Then move on to the “Cancel Page” option
  4. Enter your “Birth Date” and your “Member Number” when prompted.
  5. Then give a “Click” on proceed.

Your membership will be canceled, and you will receive an SMS for the cancellation confirmation.

How To Cancel 24 Hour Fitness Membership Via Mail Letter

So don’t get confused about mail and email methods. The Email method is when you send an electronic mail. And under this method, you will have to give a cancellation request letter at the following address- PO Box 2689, Carlsbad, CA.

Before writing your cancellation letter, keep in mind that you need to mention your correct details in the letter;

  • Your full name or registered name
  • Residential address
  • Your billing address 
  • Also, the last four digits of your credit card that you used to pay for your subscription.
  • Your correct email address
  • Your contact number

You will receive a cancellation confirmation mail or SMS or a phone call when your request is accepted.

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Will 24 Hour Fitness Refund My Money?

24 hour fitness has its own cancellation policy and refund policy. So as per its refund policy, if anyone cancels it within 3 to 5 days, they will receive a full refund. If you cancel your subscription after a few months or in between your subscription period, then, in this case, your refund will be dependent on the situation and circumstances.

So for this, you need to connect with the customer care service of 24 hour fitness, i.e., 866.308. 8179 or 888.243. 5002.

Have you seen how easy it is to cancel your subscription at any time? Hope you get all the information on this page for which you have been searching for the interpretation for many days, and I am sure that now you are not finding it that much difficult.

What are you waiting for? Select your cancellation method and follow the steps mentioned above. 

You can go with any steps as all methods include very easy steps.

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