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How To Cancel AARP Membership?

Hello guys! Today, I have another cancellation guide for all of you, i.e. AARP membership cancellation guide.

What Is AARP Membership?

 AARP stands for American Association of Retired Persons were established in the year 1958. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving Americans’ quality of life over the age of 50. The organization offers various products and services to its members, including discounts from third-party companies, various publications and educational programs, and internal member-only products. This organization aims to bring about a positive change in society.

Cancelling the AARP membership and claiming the refund for the remaining of your subscription is easy and can be done in the following ways:

How To Cancel AARP Membership?

There are various ways to cancel AARP membership:

Cancel AARP By Help Center

The first method to cancel the AARP subscription is via AARP Help Center. Here are the steps to cancel the AARP subscription:

  1. Visit the AARP help Centre to find helpful information about the AARP Cancellation process.
  2. You can see a help form available on the Help page of AARP.
  3. You can submit a help request through this form to AARP.
  4. When the help request is acknowledged by AARP, you can have a live chat with one of their representatives.
  5. Provide your email, your full name, address, city of residence, state, date of birth, phone number and the AARP member number.
  6. During the live chat, the representative will help you with the cancellation process.
  7. When the process gets completed, ask the representative for a confirmation email.

Cancel AARP By Phone

Another method to cancel the AARP membership is via Customer Service phone number. Follow these steps to complete the process:

  1. Call on the toll-free customer service number of AARP, i.e. 800-514-4564.
  2. Follow as prompted by saying ‘yes’ when asked if you’re an AARP member and saying ‘membership card’ when asked why you are calling.
  3. Once connected, a representative will get in touch with you on the phone.
  4. Request the representative to cancel your AARP membership.
  5. The representative will ask some questions to you and guide you through the cancellation process.
  6. Provide the representative with all your personal details like name, AARP account number, AARP member number etc., printed on your AARP card.
  7. After the process is complete, ask the representative to send a confirmation mail or SMS to tell you that your membership is cancelled.
  8. Don’t forget to retain the confirmation information for future records.

Cancel AARP By Mail

You can also send a cancellation request to AARP through a standard mail in a note including all your personal and AARP membership account information. Once done, send the note to the following address:


 3200 East Carson St.

 Lakewood, CA 90712

 Attn: Cancel Membership

What Happens When You Cancel Your AARP Membership?

When you cancel the AARP membership, the account will be deactivated, and the confirmation of the request will be sent to you.

If you request a refund, you will be refunded for the remaining balance on your AARP account. The refund will be sent through the same payment method used when the membership payment was processed.

AARP also notify the member benefit providers who provide products and services to the AARP members that your account has been cancelled. It is important to note here that the whole process of updating your system information might take up to 12 days.

How To Cancel Other AARP Insurance And Benefit Programs?

If you have already enrolled in or insured in other programs of AARP like the AARP insurance and the other benefit programs and you wish to cancel those programs, then you have to contact the service providers directly to cancel those benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AARP Automatic Renewal?

An automatic renewal option in AARP membership ensures that you do need not to renew your membership every year by mail or online manually. It will automatically renew your membership after the end of the current period. To avail the automatic renewal of AARP, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Visit the AARP.og website.
  2. Tap on ‘join ‘or ‘renew’ to continue.
  3. Select the ‘1 year with automatic renewal’ option as your membership term.

Alternatively, you can also enrol for the AARP automatic renewal from your credit or debit card over the phone by calling on the number provided- 888-687-2277.

Does AARP have a Lifetime Membership?

Yes, AARP does have a lifetime membership which costs $ 200, and it can be activated by calling on the customer care number of AARP (800-566-0242)

How do I renew my AARP Membership online?

The AARP membership can be renewed online in some simple steps. Follow them:

  1. Click the “Renew Today” link on the webpage of AARP.
  2. Fill in the renewal form, select your membership duration, and give a valid payment form.
  3. Submit these details and receive the personal digital AARP member number.
  4. After receiving this number, you can enjoy immediate access to all the excellent benefits of the subscription.

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