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How To Cancel BoxyCharm? [Top Ways]

Done with BoxyCharm? Were you also drawn into the service it provided initially but found out the company wasn’t all that it was meant to be? Pondering that it’s not useful for you anymore? Want to put a forever end to the BoxyCharm monthly subscription? Whatever might be the reason, if you want to quit receiving the service of BoxyCharm, then this article is just for you!

Note: If you are already known with the details of BoxyCharm, you can directly jump to the ‘How to Cancel BoxyCharm’ section, where we have discussed all the top ways to cancel BoxyCharm membership.

What Is BoxyCharm?

Based in Miami, Florida, BoxyCharm was founded in 2013 by Joe Martin, the founder, and CEO of BoxyCharm. It had rapidly turned into a multi-million-dollar company over the years due to its innovative approach. The company basically provides a beauty box subscription service that sends the customer 4 to 5 full-sized branded beauty products. It has a reasonably priced subscription of $21 per month. It provides a selection of products that might vary from box to box. These products mostly range from skincare and makeup products to perfumes, hair products, color cosmetics, or other beauty-related tools – all of these from market-leading brands. The value of each and every BoxyCharm box goes at over $100. Users of the website could also get “Charms,” which will help to redeem free items available in the shop called “Reward Items.”

BoxyCharm also has launched this very recent $35 premium box with 6 to 7 full-sized beauty products each month. The shipping charge is free for anyone located in the U.S.

For everyone who likes makeup, the products of BoxyCharm are well worth the money as they are of good quality and sent in a variety of full-size boxes. These products shipped to the subscribers are organized based on the theme of the current month with extra additions according to the customer’s beauty preferences.

This website service will not allow receiving any refunds or exchange for any products provided by the company once the products are delivered by the suppliers, until and unless the received products are found damaged or expired. Also, the company won’t be able to take any specific requests for any products, as it selects only from a limited variety of products depending on the availability.

How To Cancel BoxyCharm?

Even after being so popular for such a long time, there has been a significant downfall of BoxyCharm in recent years due to its poor customer service. The reviews of the subscribers say that they are often unable to come in touch with the support team. Many complain of not liking the products sent to them by the company mainly due to the mismatches between the number of cosmetic products and skincare products. Due to these reasons, people crave for the removing BoxyCharm.

If you are looking forward to cancelling your BoxyCharm subscription, the following are the top easy and fast ways by which both the regular and premium users can cancel their BoxyCharm membership in no time:

How To Cancel BoxyCharm From The Website?

One of the best accessible ways for you to cancel your member will be directly from the BoxyCharm website. Here are the points to follow step by step:

  1. Log into your ‘’BoxyCharm account’’ at
  2. Select the ‘’My Account’’ option
  3. Click on the ‘’Subscription’’ from the dropdown menu 
  4. Click on “Cancel Subscription”
  5. Enter the ‘’Reason for your cancellation’’
  6. Confirm your decision by clicking ‘’Yes, I want to Cancel’’

If you receive a message at the left corner of your BoxyCharm dashboard, know that you have successfully unsubscribed from BoxyCharm.

How To Cancel BoxyCharm Via Email?

If, instead of going to the website, you feel like cancelling BoxyCharm simply by sending a cancelation request to the company through email, here are the steps for doing so:

  1. Open a ‘’new Email window’’ in your Email account inbox.
  2. Type ‘’UNSUBSCRIBE’’ on the subject line.
  3. Draft a ‘’Cancellation Request’’.
  4. Send the email you composed to [email protected]

The company will take a while to send you a response confirmation mail to the cancelation, so it’s better to send the mail by the 25th of the month to give them enough time. 

How To Cancel BoxyCharm Through Donotpay?

In case you want an urgent cancelation of your membership and don’t want to wait for BoxyCharm’s response to your mail, you can use DoNotPay instead. DoNotPay website or app is very convenient when canceling such memberships that you no longer wish to pay for. DoNotPay can easily close your subscription by sending you a confirmation mail as soon as they’re done. The steps are:

  1. Log into your ‘’DoNotPay account’’ from your preferred web browser or download the application from the App store.
  2. Click on the ‘’Find Hidden Money’’ section in the dashboard
  3. Enter the service name, i.e., ‘’BoxyCharm’’

You will then receive a confirmation mail soon, which means that you could successfully cancel your BoxyCharm subscription. 

What Happens After You Cancel BoxyCharm?

The first thing to remember is that users won’t be charged for cancelling their subscription in any way mentioned above. Even if active users cancel their subscription, they will still receive products according to the general subscription terms.

Active Subscribers will not be able to renew their subscriptions after the term expires. However, they won’t have the right to obtain a refund of any portion of the subscription fee they paid in their subscription period. For example, if an active subscriber cancels their subscription after one month but had already paid for 3-months, they will not receive any refunds but instead, receive products worth of 2months from the company.

You may re-subscribe at any time after cancelling the subscription. However, the company does not allow active subscribers to pause or prevent the subscription.

Final Words

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