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How To Cancel CBS All Access On Amazon Prime?

Hey guys! Are you also wondering how to cancel CBS all access? If yes, then you have landed at the right place.

Today, I am going to share with you a complete step by step process explaining all the ways through which you can cancel CBS all on Amazon Prime.

About CBS All Access Subscription

CBS All Access which is now called Paramount Plus in the USA and 10 All Access in Australia, is originally an American service that features original shows along with movies, cartoons and other entertainment shows owned by ViacomCBS.

The CBS all access channels have to be bought through a separate subscription. It currently has around 8 million subscribers. It is based in New York City, USA. When you subscribe to CBS All Access, you can get many recent as well as vintage shows.

To watch CBS shows with Amazon Prime, it is necessary to link the CBS account with the Prime Account.

How To Link Amazon Prime And CBS All Access?

CBS All Access can be linked to Amazon Prime for the purpose of managing every entertainment channel through Amazon Prime.

The process has now become much easier thanks to the new changes made in the process by making the channel an add-on on Amazon Prime.

 Here are a few things you might need to link the channel with Amazon Prime:

You need to have an Amazon Prime membership which is currently active. With this, you can enjoy unlimited TV channels and get to watch CBS all access on more than 600 devices with the help of the prime app.

  • Log into the ‘Amazon Account’ and search for ‘channels’.
  • Find CBS All Access channel by selecting the ‘Start a free seven-day trial’ option from the ‘Learn More’ section.
  • Sign in to the ‘Amazon Account’ again if required.
  • Verify the pricing and billing information and then select the ‘Start free trial’ option.

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How To Cancel CBS All Access On Amazon Prime?

The cancellation process is pretty much just like cancelling any other subscription through the Amazon website. Now let’s discuss the procedure for the cancellation:

  • Log into the Amazon account and select the ‘Accounts and Lists menu’.
  • After that, select the ‘Memberships and Subscriptions’ menu.
  • Under this menu, look for “Channels and Subscriptions”.
  • Now under the “Prime Video Channels”, find ‘CBS All Access’.
  • With this, under the “Actions” tab, select the “Cancel Channel” option.
  • ‘Confirm’ the selection, and the subscription will be cancelled after that.
  • There will be no refund for the cancellation, and you can watch the shows until the expiry date of the subscription.

How To Cancel CBS All Access Through CBS All Access Page?

The CBS all access subscription can also be cancelled directly from the CBS All Access website. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Log into the ‘CBS account’ and click on the ‘personal account name’ of yours.
  • From the drop-down menu that will appear, choose the ‘Accounts’ tab.
  • Find the page which houses the ‘Subscriptions and Billing’ option.
  • On this page, find the “Cancel Subscription” link and select it to finalize the cancellation.
  • Just selecting this option would not complete the process. A box that would ask you to agree to the terms and conditions will appear on the screen.
  • Click on the ‘Yes, Cancel button’ to proceed.
  • Now you have to provide a detailed reason for the cancellation of CBS and choose the “Complete Cancellation” button.

The subscription will now be cancelled, but you can still watch the shows till the subscription expiry. The subscription can also be renewed if needed just by going back to the settings option whenever you want to.

Use The Amazon Auto-Renewal Feature

Amazon has an auto-renewal feature through which it renews certain subscriptions which are auto-renewable. This allows you to renew the subscriptions at any time, and you can enjoy the shows and entertainment media you want.

It can also facilitate the blockage of certain annoying promotional advertisements and the reminders for the renewal of the subscription by the channel. This feature can sometimes be problematic if you have many subscriptions. Yet, it can be most helpful when it comes to renewing the subscriptions of your favourite channels, especially when you want to watch the latest and the previous seasons of your favourite shows.

There is even an option to cancel the Auto-renew feature if it is annoying you anyway. Do not use the auto-renewal option when you are using any channel for the first time. It should only be used when you want to renew your favourite channel for sure and want to watch all the seasons of the most liked shows by you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel CBS access at any time?

Yes, the CBS subscription can be cancelled at any time in many ways, such as through the website, through Amazon Prime and through the CBS website as well.

After the cancellation, there are no refunds. However, the subscription can be renewed anytime just by going back to Amazon Prime or the CBS website.

Is CBS all access free?

Yes, you can watch CBS all access shows free for seven days. You will get the same shows, movies and channels in both the premium plans. However, a commercial free plan let you enjoy your favourite programs without any interruptions.

How much is CBS all access?

You can get two plans for CBS all access – limited commercials priced at $5.99 per month and commercial free for $9.99 per month.

Why can’t I stream any CBS shows?

Despite being rated as one of the top channels of America recently, the problem of live streaming of CBS shows still persists. It is yet another problem to find a good TV service to stream this channel.

Services like DIRECTV offer many channels at a low subscription rate, but CBS is excluded from the channels list. Many other services, too, offer many channels at a time for low prices, but the CBS channel is still not streamed by any service.

Though sometimes there might be another issue also. If you have subscribed to the CBS channel and still there is an issue with the live streaming, then the problem might be with the CBS account itself. In this case, it is necessary to immediately contact the Customer Care Service and ask them about the issue.

Why do I see a message to disable my VPN/proxy when I try to stream a show?

When a user receives such a message, then it simply means that the service providers have found out that the service is connected with VPN software or proxy software which might interfere with the traffic of the service provider, and they might leak the traffic beyond the preferred region.

Hence it is always advisable to disable these VPS and proxy sites for any website, not just the CBS website.

Do I need a new app to stream CBS for free?

To watch CBS for free, there is a new app which has been launched recently. It is known as the CBS app. This new app allows you to watch all CBS shows without any extra price. The interview of Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle was aired on CBS shows.

How can I stream CBS shows with my TV provider?

When you are streaming CBS for free or with any TV provider, you can do this with all of these devices:

  • Computer and web browsers
  • Apple devices
  • Android TV
  • Fire TV
  • Roku
  • Chromecast

All these devices can help you to sign in to the TV and stream the CBS for free.

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