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How To Cancel Crunch Fitness Membership?

Tired of Crunch Fitness? Want to put an end to the Crunch Fitness membership forever? Whatever might be the reason, if you want to quit receiving the Crunch Fitness service, then this article is just for you!

If you already know the details of Crunch Fitness, you can directly jump over to the ‘How to Cancel Crunch Fitness Membership’ heading, where we have discussed all the top ways to cancel your Crunch Fitness membership. We will also be dealing with some frequently asked questions that could possibly come to your mind while or before cancelling Crunch Fitness. 

About Crunch Fitness

Crunch Fitness is a health club industry and is run currently by Jim Rowley, its CEO. The company has its headquarters in New York City, United States. Due to its innovative approach, the fitness studios became successful, especially by appealing to their young members. The company basically offers a chain of fitness exercise membership facilities all over the country to all kinds of people, regardless of what their shape, size, or level of fitness is. They have over 300 fitness clubs in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

The service has three tiers with different pricing ranges depending on the location. The Base Membership Price Plan of monthly $9.95 and $19.95 gives access to only one location. The Peak Membership Price Plan of $21.95 gives access to a wider breadth of fitness. The Peak Result Membership Price Plan of $29.95 gives access to everything in the Peak Membership Price Plan as well as extra advanced HIIT classes.

Though originally, the service plans received positive feedback. However, since the gyms are huge with an abundance of fitness equipment in most locations, it becomes overwhelming. For this reason, and non-flexible schedules with long hours, the price plans seem like a huge waste of money. More people feel the need to cancel their Crunch Fitness membership.

How To Cancel Crunch Fitness Membership?

 If you are looking forward to canceling your Crunch Fitness membership, the following are the top easy and fast ways in which customers can cancel their Crunch Fitness membership in no time:

How To Cancel Crunch Fitness Membership By Contact Form?

One of the first ways to cancel your Crunch Fitness membership is by sending a request with the help of an online contact form. The steps are:

  1. Navigate to their contact form page at Contact Us | Crunch Customer Care 
  2. Fill in the required information.
  3. Confirm that the subject is ‘Other’.
  4. Ask for the cancellation of your service in the field named ‘Message’.
  5. Tab on the ‘Submit’ option.

How To Cancel Crunch Fitness Membership By Phone?

Yet another way to cancel your Crunch Fitness membership is by requesting a cancelation request via phone call. The steps are:

  1. Give a call at 1-866-428-9664
  2. Enter the number you are calling from when asked
  3. When a representative from Crunch Fitness takes your call, ask for the cancellation of your account membership.
  4. Confirm your identity with the help of your account number. If you don’t possess an account number, provide any other personal information.
  5. After your identity is verified, your account will be canceled, and you will be provided with information regarding cancelation fees.

How To Cancel Crunch Fitness Membership By Email?

If you don’t want to go through either of the processes of filling out online contact forms or giving a phone call, you can send a cancellation request to the company via email instead. The steps to cancelling your Crunch Fitness membership with the help of email include:

  1. Open a new email window in your email account inbox.
  2. Draft a cancelation request.
  3. Send the email you composed to [email protected]
  4. The company will take a while to send you a response confirmation mail about the cancelation.

How To Cancel Crunch Fitness Membership In Person?

If you prefer to go and cancel your Crunch Fitness membership in person, here are the following steps:

  1. Go and visit any Crunch Fitness Gym near your location in person, at least 30 days before the preferred cancellation date.
  2. Tell a representative of Crunch Fitness that you need a cancellation request form.
  3. Complete the payment of your next scheduled monthly dues.
  4. Submit your membership card to an employee.
  5. Complete paying any unpaid dues you owe to the Crunch Fitness Gym.

How To Cancel Crunch Fitness Membership By Donotpay?

If you want an urgent cancellation of your Crunch Fitness membership, you can opt for DoNotPay instead. The DoNotPay website or app is very eminent when it comes to cancelling memberships that you no longer wish to pay for. DoNotPay can easily close your Crunch Fitness membership by sending you a confirmation mail as soon as they’re done. The steps are:

  1. Log into your DoNotPay account from your preferred web browser or download the application from the App store.
  2. Click on the ‘Find Hidden Money’ section on the dashboard.
  3. Enter the service name, i.e., ‘Crunch Fitness’
  4. You will then receive a confirmation mail as soon as they cancel your membership.

What Is Crunch Fitness Cancellation Policy?

If you are not able to attend any class that you had reserved, Crunch Fitness provides a cancelation policy: 

  • If you need to cancel a class you reserved within 2 hours of the class starting time; then a fee will be charged by Crunch Fitness.
  • If you miss a reservation without being able to cancel it beforehand, then a fee will be charged by Crunch Fitness.
  • The last cancellation fees or missed reservation fees will vary according to the location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions from users who want to delete their Crunch Fitness membership:

How much does it costs to cancel crunch fitness membership?

Anyone can easily cancel their Crunch Fitness membership after a period of one year. If individuals wish to cancel their membership before the end of the billing year, they have to make an early termination fee payment. The administration fee for early termination of a Crunch Fitness membership costs around $200.

How much is crunch fitness annual fee?

All the plans of Crunch Fitness Membership, whether monthly or yearly, have an annual fee of $39.

Final Words

All in all, cancelling your Crunch Fitness membership is a safe and easy process. Keeping in mind all the procedures mentioned above regarding cancelling your Crunch Fitness membership, it leaves it up to you in the end as to which process you want to go for!

Thus, if you are planning to cancel your Crunch Fitness membership, do it today!

Thank you for reading!

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