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How Do I Cancel My BT Sport Subscription?

BT sport is a service provided by BT Broadband that covers sports extensively. There might be various reasons why you want to cancel your BT sports subscription. The most prominent reason is coronavirus, due to which sports have been wiped out significantly.

So, in this article, we have listed all the possible ways to cancel BT sport. However, before discussing the cancellation process, let us know a little about BT sport.

About BT sport

bt sport

BT Sports is a group of sports channels provided by BT consumers, which is a division of BT group based in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It was launched on 1 August 2013. Its headquarters are located in Here East, Hackney in London, England. The current CEO of BT sport is Gavin Patterson.

BT sport is aired only in England and Ireland and not in any other country. BT sport holds the live TV rights to 52 Premier League matches per season. It also gives the live feed for all Australia’s home pitch matches and the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europe League, UFC, National League, Ligue 1, the Bundesliga, and many other matches of various sports. It also airs certain magazine shows like Rugby Tonight.

How to cancel BT sports subscription?

For getting a BT Sport subscription, there are various ways:

If the customer has a BT Broadband already, then the only thing to be done is to add BT TV and Sport to the existing contract for £15.00 per month.

Another way is a customer can add the ‘Big Sport’ package in the case of any other broadband for £40 per month, which would include all BT sport and 11 other Sky Sports channel via a NOW TV pass.

If the customer wants to cancel the subscription in the middle of the trial period of three months, then it would be impossible to apply for another 3-month trial period.

Currently, BT TV is offering a one-month free service of BT Sport. If the customers want to cancel any service of the BT Broadband, including BT sports, it can be canceled online and over the phone.

Cancel BT sport through website

To cancel BT sports subscription through the website, follow the given steps. Just make sure you cancel your subscription two days before the next billing period to avoid any unwanted charges for the following month.

  • Visit and login with your username and password.
  • After that, tap on the ‘your products’ option and consequently on ‘BT sport.’
  • Now under ‘Your BT sport,’ click on ‘manage.’
  • With that, fill up your details to verify your account.
  • Finally, you can see an option to cancel your subscription.

Cancel BT sport through phone

The subscription can also be cancelled on the phone. The customers have to call on the given customer care number at the given timings to cancel the BT sports subscription. We will see the numbers and the timings below:

Customers should call the BT office from 8 am to 9 pm from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8 pm on Saturdays, and on Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm.

The phone numbers are as follows:

  • 0800 783 1401- if you are a local customer
  • +44 179 359 6931- if you are using the service from abroad. Both these numbers are used depending on the place of residence, either local or from abroad.

The easiest method is cancelling the subscription through the phone. Call the service provider, start a chat or call the respective TV provider for more information on this matter.

Cancel BT sport via Plusnet

Some people purchased their BT sports subscription through Plusnet. In that case, you will have to follow a lengthy procedure to get your subscription canceled.

Here what you have to do is call Plusnet on 0800 432 0200 0345 140 0200 and ask them to cancel your subscription.

Cancel BT sport for EE TV users

If the customer is using EE TV, then a notice will be given at the end time of the subscription. Also, information will be provided when extra charges will be levied after the ending of the subscription for viewing the channel on multiple devices. For cancellation of BT Sport on EE TV, the following steps should be followed:

  • Text ‘STOP SPORT’ to 150 number
  • Then the service will ask the customer either to text STOP BIG SCREEN or STOP LARGE.

Texting either of these options will cancel your BT sports subscription for TV, but it would not stop mobile access.

If you decide to cancel the subscription after the trial period of 3 months, then customers have to pay for the service until the next payment date.

Cancel BT sport after the 14 days windows

Once you avail for the BT Sport facility, then its agreement says that you have to start watching content immediately. Along with that, you cannot cancel the subscription after the first 14 days of subsiding. For cancelling the subscription after the 14-day window, you first have to give a 30-day prior notice.

If the service has to be used for a minimum period given in the contract, then customers might have to pay a small fee for the early termination of the service.

Cancellation fees or charges

Most of the BT services, including BT sport, have initial contract duration of 1 year, one and a half years, and 2 months. If the contract is cancelled before this term ends, an early termination fee is to be paid, which is 82.5% of the remaining charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to pause BT sports subscription?

Following are the steps to pause BT sports subscription:

Note: It is not as easy as cancelling any other service. A flexible pack is needed, which works at a baseline monthly fee of £5

  • Go to the BT website and log in
  • Select the “Your TV” option, then click on manages option
  • Enter your details, and then you can modify or pause the subscription.

Can I cancel BT sport anytime?

BT sport can be cancelled before 14 days after you purchased the subscription. After this window ends, one has to incur charges for the same.

Can I cancel BT Sport on Sky?

Yes, you can cancel BT sport on the Sky just by contacting Sky’s customer care.

Can I just cancel BT sport direct debit?

Yes, it can be cancelled; it may take five working days to process the cancellation.

Can I cancel BT sport after 1 month?

Yes, it can be done. Just log in to My BT account, find the monthly (30-day) pass and then select the cancel subscription option. Keep watching till the 30-day period expires.

How long is the BT sports contract?

BT sports contract is of 2 years

How can I watch BT Sport for free?

If a customer has an EE phone, they can download the BT app, login, and watch BT for free on mobile as well as by casting on TV.

How do I get a refund from BT?

The refund is paid through the payment method. For instance, if a person has paid through a debit card, then the amount will get refunded back to the debit card.

BT Sport Contact Information

Phone Number 0800 783 1401
Email [email protected]

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