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How To Cancel Cosmopolitan Magazine Subscription?

If you are looking to cancel your cosmopolitan magazine subscription, then you have landed at the right place.

In this article, I have explained all the methods to cancel the subscription with step by step guide.

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About Cosmopolitan Magazine:

cosmopolitan magazine subscription cost

Cosmopolitan magazine is an American magazine that especially covers the topics of fashion and entertainment for women. Its first issue was published in March 1886. Its previous name was ‘The Cosmopolitan.’

 It is one of the bestselling magazines mainly for women. When it was first published, it was a family-oriented magazine, then it became a literary magazine, and finally, it became a women’s magazine in 1965. It is a monthly magazine with over 3 million readers around the world. Its headquarters are located in New York City in Hearst Tower, 300. The current Editor-in-chief of the magazine is Jessica Pels

The cosmopolitan magazine can be bought in a print format as well as in digital format. You can get the yearly magazine subscription for $20 and the monthly subscription for $ 2. The yearly print subscription is available for $12. If you want to buy a new subscription, click on the “wanna subscribe” tab by going on the magazine’s official website. You can also renew the existing subscription through the website.

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Cancel Cosmopolitan Magazine Subscription

cosmopolitan magazine website page

If you want to cancel the magazine’s subscription, you can do it by phone or by online method.

The phone method is contacting the customer care service on the given number. The trained representatives speak with you. You have to provide them all the personal information that they need and the reason for the cancellation. Then without fail, you should ask them for a confirmation code either immediately on the phone or via email and ask them if there are any cancellation fees. There might be refunds for your undelivered issues. Make sure you confirm that as well.

The second method is the online method. We will see this method in detail now. There are two-three methods for this. We will see all of them step-by-step as follows:

What All Do You Need To Cancel Your Cosmopolitan Magazine Subscription?

For cancelling any magazine issue, be it the hard copy of the online digital issue, we need to provide certain basic information related to the magazine subscription. It includes

  • Your full name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Username and password of the online magazine account
  • Postal address
  • Country where you live
  • ZIP/PIN code
  • Reason for your cancellation

How To Cancel Your Cosmopolitan Magazine Subscription By Phone?

To cancel the cosmopolitan magazine subscription by phone method, follow the given steps:

How To Cancel Your Cosmopolitan Magazine Subscription Via Online Method?

There are various ways to cancel your cosmopolitan magazine online:

cancel cosmopolitan magazine page

Cancel Through Cosmopolitan Website

Cancel On Your iPhone Or Ipad

If you want to cancel the subscription on iPhone or iPad, then follow these instructions-

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Cancel On Your Android Phone

To cancel the subscription on your Android device, you have to follow some steps:

Once the subscription of your Cosmopolitan Magazine has been removed from the Google Play Store, then you will not receive any future subscriptions, and it would not be renewed anymore.

Cancel On Your Mac Computer

To cancel the cosmopolitan subscription on your Mac computer, follow the simple steps given below:

Pro Tip For Cancellation

In case you face issues while cancelling your subscription online, you can easily send a cancellation letter to the Cosmopolitan address, i.e., P.O. Box 6000, Harlan, IA 51593.

Include all the details in the letter – Your full name, physical address, account number, and expiration date of your magazine. Do not forget to mention the reason for your cancellation.

Once sent, a customer representative of their company will contact you to confirm your cancellation and process the refund, if any.

Note: You can send the letter via certified mail to track the status of your cancellation.

Final Words

The Cosmopolitan magazine is a US-based magazine related to entertainment and fashion, especially for women. It was founded in 1886 by Schlicht and Field. From 1965, it became a women-related magazine.

If you want to cancel the subscription, then you can cancel it through Apple, Android, or directly through the website. In Apple, you can cancel it through iStore, Android through Play Store, and on the website, you can directly unsubscribe/cancel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cosmopolitan Magazine?

It is an American Magazine especially for women, which covers fashion and entertainment topics.

How much does cosmopolitan magazine subscription costs?

The standard rate for the cosmopolitan magazine is $19.99 for a year and $1.99 for a month.

Is cosmopolitan magazine free?

Yes, you can get the June issue of the magazine for free and enjoy it either on your iOS or Android devices.

Is cosmopolitan a monthly magazine?

Yes, cosmopolitan is a monthly women’s magazine having over 50 international editions.

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