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How To Cancel Elle Magazine Subscription?

Do you want to cancel your Elle magazine subscription? If yes, then this article is for you.

There might be various reasons for cancelling Elle magazine. The most common reason could be that you have got bored with the magazine’s content or are running short of money to purchase it every month.

Whatever is the reason, here we have discussed a complete step by step guide to help you cancel your Elle magazine subscription. All you have to do is just follow the steps given below, and you’re done!

So, let’s start!

About Elle Magazine

Elle is a magazine related to the lifestyle genre that is well-known worldwide. It was originated in France. It was founded by Hélène Gordon- Lazareff along with her husband, Pierre Lazareff, in 1945. The title means “she” or “her”.

It was founded immediately after World War II and sold as a supplement to France-Soir, the editor of which was Pierre Lazareff. The first issue was published on 21 November 1945. The current editor of the magazine is Nina Garcia.

Elle can be bought on a newsstand very easily. It has a monthly price of $5.99 per month in the U.S.A. Readers can avail the subscription for home delivery by post. New readers can get the magazine for the first year at $10.00. Digital subscriptions of the magazine are also available, and the access to digital edition also opens the doors to a vast amount of digital content, which is available on Elle’s website.

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There is a provision to cancel the magazine subscription at any time. Refunds may or may not be there on the specific Elle subscriptions that might have been cancelled before the end period, which is of 1 year.

For cancelling the subscription of this magazine, you should either avail phone facility or login facility. There are no charges for the cancellation. You should, however, ask for a confirmation code either by mail or on the Phone itself as proof for successful cancellation.

What do you need to cancel the Elle Magazine Subscription?

For cancelling any magazine subscription, you need to provide some basic information about your account. The information is as follows:

  • Your full name
  • Phone number
  • Email Address
  • Username and Password of your Elle account
  • Your postal address
  • City of residence
  • State/Region of residence
  • Postal/pin code
  • Country of Residence
  • Reason of cancellation
  • Last 4 digits of the card you used to pay for the subscription
  • Date of the last payment of the subscription
  • Amount of the last subscription and the account number of the user.

There are two ways through which a subscription of the magazine can be cancelled, one is through the login method, and the other is through Phone. We will explore both the methods below:

How to cancel Elle Magazine by login?

  • To use this method, first, you have to go to the website of the magazine.
  • You should then log in with the full name and address mentioned on the magazine label.


You can also log in with your account number and ZIP code.


You can log in with the email address and ZIP code.

  • After that, click on the “Cancel your Subscription” option, which is featured on the left side of the screen.
  • Read the instructions mentioned on the tab and then follow them to get assured about the cancellation of the account.

How to cancel Elle Magazine by Phone?

Another method to cancel Elle magazine is the slightly lengthy phone method. To cancel Elle subscription by Phone, follow the given steps:

  • First contact the concerned customer cares authorities at the number 8008768775.
  • Then you will come across a representative to whom you must provide all the information.
  • After that, tell the representative that you need to cancel the magazine subscription.
  • With this, provide them with all your account information, request them for a refund, then ask them if there will be any separate charge levied on them for the cancellation purpose.
  • Be sure to ask for a confirmation code either directly on the Phone or through an email as proof of the cancellation.

Cancellation fees or charges

There are no cancellation charges for the Elle magazine. On the contrary, you get a refund for all the issues that have not been mailed to you. The organization issues a refund policy and sends it to your email if the subscription has been cancelled by online method. If the subscription has been cancelled on the Phone directly, then you have to approach the agency for the refund amount.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Elle a monthly magazine?

Yes, Elle is a monthly magazine worldwide. However, in France, it publishes weekly, and in China, it gets published fortnightly. 

How much is an Elle magazine?

Elle magazines come with a price of $5.99 for all issues. However, the price for March is $6.99, and that of September is $7.99. 

What is Elle magazine known for?

Elle magazine is a lifestyle and beauty magazine motivating women to embrace all styles and aspects of their lives with high-quality, inspiring content. 

Who runs Elle magazine? 

Elle magazine is successfully running by Pierre Lazareff and his wife, Helene Gordon. 

What topics does Elle magazine cover?

Elle features articles on topics like fashion, beauty and style prominently, but it also covers topics like health and fitness, food, travel, relationship, the celebrity world, along with trending Art, Music and Books. The magazine is also a guide for designer clothing, jewellery, skin products and beauty products.

Elle Magazine Contact Information

Phone Number +91 7337517700
Email [email protected]
Official Website

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