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How To Cancel Ooma? [2021 Guide]

Are you looking to cancel your Ooma subscription? Do you no longer need any services offered by Ooma Phone Company?

If yes, then you have landed at the right place. Today, in this article, I am going to guide you step by step on how you can cancel your Ooma subscription in an easy and hassle freeway.

So, without any further wait, let’s begin:

About Ooma

Ooma is an American telecommunications company that is publicly traded. The company is based in Silicon Valley in the California Area. It was announced to be one of the fastest-growing private companies in 2015 by the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

It is well known for its various services like Voice over IP (VOIP) for calling purposes, especially for business people and business communities.

Why Do People Cancel Ooma?

Even though the company has been named as one of the fastest-growing companies and has been generating a massive amount of revenue in recent years, yet it seems that the customers are not happy with the service, and they have made a choice to cancel it.

There are many reasons for the Ooma cancellation. One of the most common reasons is that people have now decided to switch to different services as Ooma is not delivering the benefits it promised to deliver.

Another reason is that the customers do not really need the service of the Ooma mobile company. Hence, they choose to cancel it.

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What Do You Need To Cancel Ooma?

For cancelling Ooma, you need some personal information like:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your personal phone number
  • The postal or billing address
  • E-mail Address
  • The city where you reside
  • The State, Province, or Region where you reside
  • The ZIP or the postal code of the region
  • The country where you live
  • The reason for the cancellation
  • All the information about the payment card, especially the last four digits of the card number through which you subscribed to Ooma.

How To Cancel Ooma Via Ooma Webchat?

  • Go to the official web site of Ooma and open the Ooma web chat page.
  • Put your information in the suitable spaces as desired.
  • Tell the representatives on the web site that you want to cancel the Ooma subscription
  • The information that you provide will help the representative in locating your account.
  • Make sure you do not forget to ask about the cancellation charges.
  • Be sure to ask for a refund if it is applicable.
  • Do not forget to ask the representative for a confirmation, be it in the form of a receipt, an e-mail, or a confirmation code.
  • Retain the information about the cancellation as it is essential, and you might need it any time.

How To Cancel Ooma Via Phone?

There is an easier way to cancel your Ooma subscription just by using your phone. Here are the steps to do so:

  • Ooma’s Customer care number is 18887116662. Call on the above-given number
  • Explain to the representative on the phone why you want to end your membership with Ooma by cancelling the subscription.
  • Provide the representative with all the required personal and account information.
  • Be sure to ask the representative for a confirmation e-mail of the cancellation.

How To Cancel Ooma With Donotpay?

Another way of cancellation, which is considered one of the safest ways of cancellation, is cancelling the Ooma subscription through the medium of Donotpay. The steps are as follows:

  • Log into your personal Donotpay account using any web browser.
  • Select the ‘Find Hidden Money option.
  • Tell the representative the name of the service, i.e., Ooma, which you want to cancel, and type it into the box.
  • Now you just have to wait for the confirmation of the cancellation by Ooma, which would not take more than 48 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Ooma?

You can contact Ooma through various channels like web chat, Customer service number, etc.

Is Ooma any good?

Presently, Ooma is not so good as it is not providing the services that it once promised to deliver. Hence the customers are now shifting to other mobile services rapidly.

How can I reset the Ooma system?

To reset the Ooma tele router, hold on to the reset button on the device with a paper clip till the light on the router blinks. This process would not take more than 10 seconds of pressing the button to complete it.

When it is successfully connected and logged in, it will need some minutes to download the softwares. When the downloading process is done, it will take a few minutes to reboot, and when the rebooting is done, the lights will turn blue, and the router will be ready to use.

How do I get my Ooma back?

First of all, check if the internet is functioning properly, and then try to restart your modem or router along with the Ooma Telo base station and the Phone Genie to ensure that you get back your Ooma connection.

Does Ooma slow down your internet connection?

Yes, it does slow down the Internet connection, according to some users. Moreover, the speed tests done after the complaints also confirmed that Ooma had way too less power to handle significant online traffic pressures and it reduce the bandwidth of the site.

Does Ooma work if the power goes out?

No, it would not work if the power connection in your house goes out. You would have to purchase a Universal Power Supply battery backup and then connect your Internet modem, cordless phone base station (if it is there at home), and the Ooma device to turn it on and run it even in the absence of the regular power connection.

Can I change my Ooma phone number?

Yes, you can change your Ooma Phone number by contacting the Ooma customer care service and select a new number in the calling area of your choice at a price of $ 19.9, which has to be paid only one time by the customer.

How much does Ooma costs per month?

There are different prices for different plans, like the Ooma premium plan costs about $ 9.99 per month. The enhanced calling plan costs about $ 4.99 per month. The enhanced voicemail service costs about $ 4.99 per month. The standard voicemail transcription again costs about $ 4.99 per month. The premium voicemail transcription service costs about $ 9.99 per month, including 40 messages, and the cost is around $ 0.25 per month per number.

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