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How To Cancel Twitch Prime? [2021 Guide]

Are you looking for ‘how to cancel twitch prime? If yes, then this article is for you. In this article, I will share with you the exact steps you can follow to cancel your twitch prime subscription.

Before jumping to the step-by-step process for Twitch prime cancellation, let me tell you a little about twitch prime and what it does.

About Twitch Prime

Twitch Prime is a video game service offered by Amazon Prime. This service allows the users to stream videos with the help of the broadcasters with a provision of a chat room through which the users can chat with each other and the hosts too.

Twitch prime is a combination of the in-built games of Amazon Prime and the other bonus games provided by Amazon, which can be played without any extra charge.

The service is available in many countries around the world like India, Mexico, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, and many other countries. It was merged into Amazon in 2014. After this collaboration, Twitch premium was launched in the year 2016 with the aim to let the users enjoy the services of both Amazon and Twitch through one single medium.

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Currently, it is praised by the users. Yet, people might want to cancel the subscription. We will see the causes now:

Why Do People Cancel Twitch Prime Membership?

There are many factors that might lead to the decision by the customer to cancel the subscription. Some of the reasons might be:

  • The person only intends to enjoy the free trial service and does not want to avail to the full subscription
  • The service does not offer the benefits mentioned earlier and is disappointing to the core.
  • The subscription charges are really high and are a burden to the pockets of the customers.
  • The customer does not have enough time to use the service due to the busy schedule.
  • The customer wants to avail another and possibly a better game service.
  • The customers are not satisfied with the service provided by Twitch Prime.

How To Cancel Twitch Prime Free Trial Online?

There are two ways through which the twitch service can be cancelled: Cancelling both Twitch Prime and Amazon Prime at the same time and cancelling only Twitch Prime membership. We will now see what the steps are for both of the options:

Cancel Twitch And Amazon Prime Both

When both Twitch Prime and Amazon Prime have to be cancelled, then only disabling the Amazon Prime service is enough because when you disable the Amazon prime service, then all the services associated with it will also disable automatically, including Twitch Prime.

So, there is no separate procedure for cancelling Twitch Prime. Just follow these steps to cancel Amazon Prime account:

  • Sign in to your ‘Amazon account’ and open the ‘Accounts and Lists’ tab.
  • A drop-down list will appear from which you have to select the ‘Your Prime Membership’ option.
  • Choose the ‘End Membership and benefits’ tab.
  • Then select the ‘End Membership’ alternative.
  • Certain web pages will appear to confirm the cancellation; proceed with the ‘Continue to cancel’ tab for the completion.

 Cancel Only Twitch Membership

If you want to cancel only the Twitch subscription by keeping the Amazon prime membership, then these are the steps you should follow:

  • Sign in to your ‘Amazon account’ and tap on the ‘Your account’ option.
  • Now scroll down to locate the ‘settings’ option.
  • Tap on ‘manage prime membership.’
  • Finally, select the option to cancel your membership.

You can cancel your twitch prime without cancelling your Amazon prime subscription by visiting twitch prime settings.


  • Log into your Personal Twitch account.
  • Then select the ‘My Profile’ icon displayed on the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Click on the ‘Settings’ from the menu that appears.
  • After this, on the settings page, click on the ‘Connections’ tab.
  • When this tab will open, select the ‘Disconnect’ option located next to the Amazon section.
  • Now a pop-up window will appear; click ‘Yes, disconnect.’

When you follow the steps mentioned above successfully, your Twitch prime account will be deactivated at the end of the paid period.

How To Cancel Twitch Prime Through Twitch Customer Support?

Another way to cancel the Twitch Prime service is by cancelling it through Twitch customer service. Here are the steps to do it:

  • Go to the Help/contact support page of Twitch.
  • Fill the given form by describing the issue you are facing, and do not forget to add your ‘e-mail’ and ‘username’ of the Twitch Prime account.
  • You will first have to select a category. Among the categories, select the ‘Account/Login’ category.
  • Among the subcategories that will appear then, select the ‘Delete/deactivate’ category.
  • After you select the subcategory, sign in with your account credentials- username and password.
  • When you are back to the contact form, ‘write the issue manually’ and ask for the cancellation of your membership.
  • With this, ‘select your platform’ where the issue is experienced from the corresponding option.
  • The end step is to prove that you are not a robot by completing a re-Captcha test and then completing the process by clicking on the ‘Submit’ button.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Twitch prime free forever?

The Twitch Prime service provides a free trial period, but it is not free for all the time. After the end of the free trial period, one has to pay for the subscription.

Will twitch prime charge me after the free trial?

Yes, you will be charged after the end of the free trial period. If you want to avoid this process, then it is better to cancel the free trial before the free trial period ends.

Do I have to pay for twitch prime if I have Amazon prime?

If you have already subscribed to Amazon prime membership, then you will get twitch prime for free, which is included in the package. If you don’t have an Amazon membership, then you need to sign up for one to get twitch prime.

How much is Twitch per month?

Every month charges for Twitch Prime are $ 12.99. These charges include all the exclusive in-game loot, free games, a free subscription of Twitch TV, plus and the flexibility to cancel the subscription anytime.

Does cancelling Amazon prime cancel twitch prime?

Yes, when you will cancel your Amazon Prime membership, then all the subscriptions included in it will get cancel automatically.

How to cancel my twitch free trial subscription on my phone?

To cancel twitch subscription on your android phone, follow the given steps:

  • Log in to your ‘twitch app account’ and locate the ‘channel’ you have subscribed to.
  • After that, click on that ‘subscribed’ button.
  • With this, click on the ‘cancel subscription’ option.
  • ‘Confirm’ your action by tapping on ‘cancel subscription’ one more time.

Is Twitch prime legit?

Honestly, twitch prime is not its own service. It is just an add-on benefit that you get by subscribing to Amazon prime membership with additional benefits for those who have linked their Twitch and Amazon accounts.

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