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How To Cancel Your O2 Contract? (3 Easy Ways)

Do you no longer want to continue with your O2 contract? Are you planning to cancel your O2 contract?

If yes, then this cancellation guide is for you. No matter whatever the reason you want to cancel the O2 contract, it’s never too late to cancel the subscription in order to avoid any unnecessary charges.

If you find any problem, this article will help you cancel your O2 contract in an easy way:

About O2 Contract

O2 Contract

O2 is a British Telecommunication company founded in 1985 with the name of Cellnet during the first joint venture of BT Group and Securicor. Later the company was totally controlled by BT Group.

BT group launched its mobile division in 2002 under mmO2 plc, which also marked the launch of the “O2” brand of the mobile company. The headquarters are in the UK at Slough in England. The current chief executive officer of O2 is Mark Evans.

How to cancel your O2 Contract?

There are 3 ways to cancel your contract with O2:

  • You are joining another network and would be keeping your O2 number. Take the PAC code to cancel the O2 contract, but your phone number will be intact.
  • The customer wants to join another network but keeping the O2 phone number intact. In this case, a STAC code will be provided to the customer through which the cancellation can be done.
  • The 3rd cancellation method is when the customer is not moving to another mobile network and wants to cancel the contract totally. In this case, O2’s standard procedure has to be followed wherein a 30 day notice period will apply, and after that, the contract will be cancelled.

PAN Code Cancellation (If you want to keep the same phone number)

This is the most common process of cancellation, which is also known as Porting Authorization Code process. This method is generally used if the customer is leaving O2 to join another network. The O2 phone number will be retained even if you join another network when this process is followed. The PAC code is received in the following 3 ways:

  • Online: In this method, the customer can get the code just by logging into the “My O2” website. Once the customer is logged in, then go to the “My details” tab and then go to the “Thinking of switching from O2?” tab
  • Text message: The second way to receive the code is through text message. The code can be received by texting “PAC” to 65075. After that, you will receive the code from the company.
  • By Phone: Here, you can receive the code through the phone. To avail this service, there are three numbers. They are:

For O2 Pay monthly- call 202 or 03448090202 by any other phone

For O2 Pay as you go- the number is 4445 or 03448090202, which has to be dialled by any other phone.

The only condition is that the customer has to call the company at its opening hours from Monday to Friday 8 am to 9 pm, On Saturdays from 8 am to 8 pm and on Sundays from 8 am to 6 pm.

STAC Code Cancellation (If you want a new phone number)

There is a cancellation to be done if the user wants a new phone number. You get a STAC code for the same.

For this, you just have to text ‘STAC’ at this number- 75075. Then you will receive a text containing your STAC code which consists of 6 numbers and 3 letters identifying the old network.

Just give this STAC code along with the number you want to close, and it will be closed on the next working day if it is submitted before 5:30 in the evening or within two days of submitting in the case of weekend submission.

You can also choose the day of submission. In this particular case, no notice period is charged for leaving, and the service will be stopped on the designated day itself.

O2 Standard Cancellation

O2’s standard cancellation procedure is applied when the number is not changed.

It is as follows:

  • You should inform O2 to end your O2 contract.
  • A 30 day notice period is then applied; you have to pay your monthly rental till it ends.

Early O2 termination charges 

O2 Help Support

If a customer cancels the contract before the end of the minimum term of the contract, then he has to bear an “Early termination charge” (ETC) or an “early exit fee”. This fee will be the payment for the remaining period of the contract.

 An O2 refresh customer need not pay any early termination fees. However, the remaining balance on the device plan must be paid.

In the case of a Non O2 refresh customer, the termination charges must be paid, which are 83.3% of the pending monthly payments of the minimum term.

 In both of the cancellation methods, some payment has to be made nevertheless.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel O2 Direct Debit?

Yes, it can be cancelled. You can cancel it through O2 or the concerned bank.

What happens when my O2 contract ends?

In case you are on a refresh contract, you will not have to pay for the phone anymore, and you can simply continue with the airtime payment. However, if you are on a regular contract, you would have to pay the usual monthly fee until you either change or cancel your plan.

Can you cancel a 12-month SIM-only contract O2?

Yes, it can be cancelled by calling on the number- 202

Can I cancel my O2 contract within 14 days?

Yes, it can be cancelled with the help of a 14-day change your mind period. Just let the company know that you want to cancel, and the payment will be refunded.

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