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How To Cancel Wired Magazine?

Are you looking to cancel wired magazine subscription? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. Today, I will answer all your queries regarding wired magazine cancellation in this article. 

Before I guide you through the exact steps you can follow to cancel your subscription, let us know a little about the wired magazine. 

What Is Wired Magazine?

“Wired” is an American magazine which is based in San Francisco and covers the uses of technology and its effects on society. It was founded in 1993. In the former part of 1990, there was an idea to establish a magazine totally devoted to technology. Then this task was taken up by American journalists Louis Rossetto and his partner Jane Metcalf.

They launched “Wired” in 1993 as a two-monthly publication which included articles written by renowned scholars, thinkers, journalists and writers related to technology. When the Internet Age arrived, the magazine became a monthly one, attracting its readers through colorful designs and mind-boggling articles. Its current editor-in-chief is Nicholas Thompson. It is published in other countries like “Wired UK” (United Kingdom), “Wired Italia” (Italy), “Wired Japan” (Japan) and “Wired Germany” (Germany).

You can get the magazine subscription for $2.99 per year, including digital as well as the print edition. 

You need to provide your complete information for cancelling the wired magazine subscription, and then you can ask for a refund for the undelivered editions. 

Don’t worry; you will get to know everything in this article. Just keep reading. 

What All Do You Need To Cancel The Wired Magazine? 

Like you follow the procedure for cancelling any magazine subscription, the same steps should be followed for the wired magazine as well. You should provide all the basic personal information like:

  • Full name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Id
  • Address (Changed address should also be provided if the residence has been changed)
  • City of residence
  • State
  • Province or Region of residence
  • Postal Code and Account Number

How To Cancel Wired Magazine? 

Once collected all the essential information, you can cancel the magazine by two methods which are: 

  1. By Phone 
  2. By Email 

Phone Method:

To cancel the magazine on the phone itself, follow the steps mentioned below:  

  • Call the customer care number of the wired magazine, which is 18004058085
  • Once your call gets connected, tell the representative that you want to cancel the wired magazine subscription. 
  • After that, provide all your personal and account information to the representative. 
  • Then, request and ask them for a Refund. 
  • Lastly, don’t forget to ask for a confirmation code either on the phone itself or through an Email which would be the proof of the cancellation.
  • Make sure that you retain that confirmation code.

Email Method:

Another method is the online or Email method. When you are cancelling by this method, then you have to follow these steps:

  • First-of-all compose an email requesting the cancellation of the magazine subscription to the representative. 
  • Tell the representative that you want to cancel your subscription. 
  • Again, provide all your account details to the representative. 
  • Then, request a refund for cancelling the wired magazine without fail. 
  • Ask for a confirmation code by Email to keep it as proof of successful cancellation. 
  • After mentioning all this information in the Email, send the Email to the following email Id: [email protected]
  • Retain the confirmation code that you have received. 

 Let us look at how you can cancel the subscription on different devices:

Till you cancel any subscription manually, it will continue to renew automatically because no cancellation is permission to renew. However, it is very easy to cancel the wired magazine through all the devices by following some simple steps as given below.

How To Cancel Wired Magazine On Your iPhone?

  • Open ‘’Settings’’ and then tap on ‘’Your Name’’
  • After that, click on the “Subscriptions” tab. If you do not see this tab directly, then click on ‘’iTunes and Appstore’’.
  • Then tap on your ‘’Apple ID’’, view Apple Id and scroll down to the “Subscriptions” button.
  • Tap on the ‘’WIRED magazine subscription’’ in order to review it. Next, you tap on the ‘’Cancel’’ button.
  • If you do not see a “Cancel Subscription” option for WIRED magazine, then it is sure that you have already cancelled the subscription, and it would not be renewed anymore.

How To Cancel Wired Magazine On Android Device? 

It is essential to know that cancellation on Android does not mean that you should only delete the magazine app. Here are the steps that you should follow to cancel the wired subscription from your Android device:

  • Open the ‘’Google Play Store’’, sign in from the correct account if you have multiple accounts
  • Tap on ‘’Menu’’, and then click on the “Subscriptions” option.
  • Choose the ‘’WIRED magazine subscription’’ which you want to cancel, and then tap on the “Cancel Subscription” option. 
  • Finish the procedure as instructed.

When you will remove the Wired magazine subscription from your Google Play Store, then your future subscriptions will be cancelled, and they would not be renewed anymore.


So I have discussed the step by step procedure to help you cancel your wired magazine subscription. I have also mentioned all the ways you can use to cancel it. Hope you have found this article useful. 

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